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Ted Cheskey

Naturalist Director

With a long history project management and bird conservation, Ted leads Nature Canada’s domestic and international bird conservation initiatives.

He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in environmental studies, regional planning and resource management from the University of Waterloo. Ted authored Conserving the Birds of Ontario, 1996, and between 1998 and 2002, wrote or co-wrote 20 Community Conservation Plans for Important Bird Areas in Ontario.

He is multilingual, and fluent in Canada’s official languages. He was a contributing author and steering committee member of Canada’s landmark State of the Birds: 2012 Report and the State of North America’s Birds: 2016.

Ted also has a long history of fieldwork and research, both as a citizen scientist and conservation professional where he has studied the impact of urbanization on forest birds for the City of Waterloo, Ontario for 20 years. He co-founded and is current President of the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory and is a Master Bird Bander. Ted is also an avid outdoors enthusiast and naturalist, enjoying birding, running, cycling, canoeing, mushrooming, and cross-country skiing with his wife, family and friends.


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