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Legacy Giving

For Nature. Forever.

You too can have a lasting influence and be remembered by family and friends for your commitment to nature and its protection.

Legacy gifts contribute to our future conservation work – helping us protect our endangered animals and habitat for the wonder of future generations.

Our vision is a future where Canada’s magnificent natural heritage is preserved, explored and adored by our children, our grandchildren and for generations to come.

It is truly encouraging that our members are making gifts in their Wills for Nature Canada’s important work. They recognize that we have achieved some significant gains and successes but there is more that we can do.

“For years, Nature Canada has been on the front lines defending nature. And we trust them to do good work. They get victories for the things we value.

—Dan and Donna Taylor, Whittemore Legacy Circle Members

“People have been short-sighted and taken our planet for granted. We must show more respect for nature…. Arranging for a gift of life insurance was a simple and effective way to show how much nature truly matters to me.”

—Bill Kellett, Past Member since the 1970s

With your legacy support, we can establish even more parks, protect more animals and save critical wildlife areas. And inspire more Canadians to care about nature today so it will still be there in the future.

Click here if you would like to schedule a conversation with a fellow nature enthusiast at Nature Canada to talk about how you can make a lasting impact on our work through a gift in your Will.

Bequests Making a Difference…

Bequest gifts make an impact. They have helped fund our monitoring programs, protect Important Bird Areas, help fund on-the-ground conservation and advanced our education and outreach to communities and youth. Just think about what you could contribute to!

Nature has played an important part in our lives and brought us much joy, so it is natural to want to continue to support the programs that matter the most to you.

“When we were preparing our Will, we knew it was the right thing to do. We asked ourselves, Where do we see our values echoed? And the answer was: Nature Canada. For us, our legacy will be to nature.

—Giséle Quesnel-Oke & Brian Oke, Whittemore Legacy Circle Members

The most effective way to contribute to the future of nature is to make a gift in your will. In order to do so, you either need to create a will or add an amendment (codicil) to your existing will. There are three main types of bequests. Or you can endow a gift to one of our Endowment Funds.

The next step is to make an appointment with your lawyer. A lawyer can help you determine what type of bequest makes the most sense for you, and can explain the tax benefits of this type of gift. Here is a useful sheet “Will for Wildlife” to share with your lawyer.

Or consider this special offer to save you time and money—Nature Canada has partnered with Willfora, experts in Will-writing, so you can create your Will FREE online*. This confidential, safe and secure Will writing tool makes it easy to create your Will from the safety of your home in 20 minutes or less.

*Not available for Quebec residents.

Legacy Circle

By making this thoughtful gift you can become a member of our Whittemore Legacy Circle. This group is made up of dedicated people who have decided to leave a lasting legacy by making a gift in their will for Nature Canada.

They want to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy nature in the same way they have, and trust Nature Canada to protect the birds, animals and wildlands that they care so much about.

For more information about making a gift in your will or other planned gift, please call Jodi Joy at 1-800-267-4088 ext 239 or email her at or please feel free to print off our Legacy form and mail it back to us.

“Maybe there’ll be mention of me somewhere someday and my granddaughters will say, ‘She was our grandma. She loved nature.’ Could I be better remembered?”

—Mary Gilliland, Charter Member

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.