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Paul Gregory

Nature Network Organizer

Paul joined Nature Canada as a Nature Network Organizer in December 2021. 

Born and raised in Pictou, Nova Scotia he still considers himself a maritimer although living in Ottawa for the last twenty five years.

Paul’s connection to nature started at a young age and has always been the foundation of his life’s work. The climate crisis has always been his focus since starting his professional career back in 1996. He started working for the Sierra Club of Canada where at the time was the secretariat for the Climate Action Network (CaNet). Paul then moved onto the Federation of Canadian Municipalities where he was for thirteen years. During that time he was part of the Partners for Climate Protection Program (PCP) and then the National Advisor for the Green Municipal Fund helping guide municipalities reduce their ecological footprint. Paul then worked in the private sector for a few years working with the Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) one of the leading consultant groups in Canada and branching out internationally. Then he thought why not try Federal politics to see if that’s where the biggest change can be made. For five years he was the Director of Outreach for the Green Party of Canada working with some of the leading organizations working on reducing GHG’s and other leading edge organizations on social, economic and environmental issues.

With the climate crisis it’s like working against an hourglass knowing that every moment counts to reduce our ecological footprint in Mother Earth.

That being said he’s still enjoying life with his happy place being in the natural world to reconnect. In his free time, you can find Paul on the water, he loves portaging his prospector canoe and finding places “away” from it all or sailing on the Ottawa River feeling the healing power of the water. In the winter backcountry skiing or fat biking in Gatineau Park makes his spirit feel alive.


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