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Endangered Species

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One of Nature Canada’s major focuses since 1939 has been protecting endangered species and species at risk. Throughout the 1990s, Nature Canada campaigned hard for the federal government to propose legislation protecting endangered species. In 2003, after a lot of hard work, the federal government agreed and moved forward with the Species at Risk Act, thus protecting over 200 hugely important species for Canada including:

  • gray whales;
  • tiger salamanders;
  • cucumber trees;
  • mudpuppy mussels; and
  • whooping cranes.
Nature Canada was thrilled when the federal government finally agreed to pass the Species at Risk Act. Unfortunately, even with this federal legislation, every year, more and more of Canada’s animals and plants are still threatened by extinction. Nature Canada is working hard every day to reverse this trend and to help save these important species. In addition to our work on the Species at Risk Act, Nature Canada was also one of the very few environmental organizations who were granted observer status on the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC).  We were also a founding member of the Species at Risk Advisory Committee, a legally mandated advisory body. Because of this, Nature Canada is uniquely positioned among environmental charities to make strong policy recommendations to decision-makers on species legislation. This access allows Nature Canada to be a voice for nature in a powerful and unique way.

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