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Engagement Organizing

Engagement organizing is an approach that marries organizing, technology and a culture of developing leadership in others. The model includes a focus on relationship building and mobilization of supporters at the heart of the mission to create resilient, effective organizations.

Image of Engagement Organizing Triangle

“Organizing” in this definition is the art of building the agency of others, rather than doing all the work yourself. A first step is to identify who your people are – like-minded others who may want to contribute to your mission through volunteering or donating.

Multiple avenues for engaging these people are then created, contact information gathered, and asks made for people to progressively more with you in a ‘pyramid’ of engagement. As more people engage, you identify and train leaders and build teams to take on various tasks.

All of this is done with the assistance of digital tools. The internet is a good addition to other tactics to identify and recruit people. Free or inexpensive online tools can also help manage mass emails, events, and data.

Here are some case studies of nature groups practicing various elements of engagement organizing.

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