Nature Canada

Growing the nature movement, and making 2019 a Year of Action

Looking back on 2018 – growing the nature movement

What an incredibly successful year for Nature Canada, and because of your support and the generous support of thousands of Canadians, it was a historic one. The 2018 Federal Budget 2018 was by far the biggest win for nature conservation in a generation. The $1.3 Billion dollar invested is the essential first piece to secure protected areas in Canada.

New protected areas announced in 2018 included Scott Island Marine National Wildlife Area and Edhezie Indigenous Protected Area. Strengthened Environmental Laws that will improve environmental reviews of development projects that have potential impact on the environment.

Together we are protecting Canada’s land and waters and saving species from extinction.

You, the Nature Nation members and Nature Network partners that span across this great country from coast to coast to coast, we have grown by the tens of thousands and Nature Canada is proud to represent this movement of nature lovers.

Looking forward on 2019– focusing on protecting nature

2019 is a year of action! A year to take action to create more protected areas in Canada in order to reach the Aichi target of protecting 17% of lands 10% of coastal and marine areas by 2020.

Together, we are defending endangered species and critical habitat from the ongoing threats of climate change, development, industry and urbanization. Your voices are advocating for stronger environmental laws that will protect our wildlife and wilderness and the ecosystems that provide us clear air and fresh water. Your support is saving species from extinction by protecting critical habitat and educating individuals and local government about the importance of taking action to protecting wildlife.

50% of wildlife species are in decline. There is no other way to spin it, we are on the brink of an “ecological Armageddon.” And the best way to protect species at risk is by protecting the critical habitat they call home. From coast, to coast, to coast your support is pushing for more protected areas, prioritizing places that are in urgent need of protection based on threats, habitat importance and species at risk located there.

Your love of nature shines through all year long, thank you for your dedication and commitment to protect nature in Canada.


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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.