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5 Best Beaches in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County—affectionately known as ‘The County’—is the perfect spot for swimmers, stand-up paddleboarders, and more, who are seeking cool, clear, clean water to enjoy. With sandy beaches, blue sparkling water, and stunning views no matter which way you look, this island escape has something to offer everyone.

All of these beaches boast excellent recreational water quality. In addition to being a popular spot for swimmers, paddlers, and other water enthusiasts, Prince Edward County’s shoreline and beaches are also remarkable sites of biodiversity that are home to many species at risk, like the Blanding’s Turtle, Pugnose Shiner, and Piping Plover.

Read on to learn about the five best beaches in Prince Edward County and how you can protect the species living in Lake Ontario:

North Beach - Big Waves

1. North Beach Provincial Park

This area features beautiful dunes and plentiful opportunities for swimming. There are two swimming beaches at North Beach Provincial Park. The first and bigger sandy beach looks out towards the horizon of glimmering Lake Ontario and spans over a kilometre. The second northern beach looks in on North Bay, offering just under a kilometre of sandy shores for swimming and sunbathing.

2. Centennial Park – Northport

This quiet, picturesque beach provides views of the Bay of Quinte, as well as ​​playground equipment, picnic tables, a gazebo, and easy access to the inviting waters of Lake Ontario. 

3. Wellington Beach

Not far from Sandbanks Provincial Park, Wellington Beach has a stone beach, boardwalk,  picnic tables, benches, a pavilion, and a boat launch. A popular spot for walking and cycling, the area also has plenty of signage about the local history and natural environment for those interested in learning about the area.

Sandbanks - Beach and Dunes

4. Lake Ontario Beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park 

No list of Prince Edward County beaches would be complete without the freshwater baymouth sandbars in Sandbanks Provincial Park. Here, you can swim along sandy beaches with dune views and even stay overnight in the nearby campground. Not far from the shoreline, you’ll find West Lake Beach, one of the most sheltered beaches in the park.

5. Outlet Beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park

Outlet Beach is one of Sandbanks’ largest beaches, looking out over the vast waters of Lake Ontario. Outlet Beach has warm shallow waters and a gradual drop-off that makes it perfect for kids.

Protecting Prince Edward County for both Swimmers and Vulnerable Species

This ecological gem needs to be safeguarded. A National Marine Conservation Area in Lake Ontario’s eastern basin would protect the delicate ecosystems of beaches and beyond in Prince Edward County. Simply by paying a visit to this fascinating area, you’ll understand why it needs to be protected.

You can help make protection a reality by sending a letter in support of the creation of an NMCA in Lake Ontario’s Eastern basin to the government. Public support will encourage decision-makers to take action. Help us secure a future where water welcomes both water-lovers and wildlife.

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