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Hamilton Earns Nature Canada’s “Bird Friendly City” Designation


Unceded Algonquin Territory – Ottawa, ON, April 1, 2022 – Nature Canada is proud to announce Canada’s next certified Bird Friendly City, Hamilton, ON. Hamilton is the sixth city in Canada to earn the designation.

The City of Hamilton has worked in collaboration with Nature Canada’s partners including Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington, which is comprised of many community organizations and residents of Hamilton. The group works to make the city a safe haven for wild birds. 

Nrinder Nann City Councillor – Ward 3 Hamilton:

“Hamilton becoming certified as a Bird Friendly City certified by Nature Canada is truly great. Our local birds and those that migrate here are part of our eco-diversity that also brings much delight and pride to our residents. This initiative enables us to be responsible and responsive to continuing to foster an environment in our city that cares for all species. Congrats to the Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington team for their dedicated hard work.”

The city has implemented bird friendly policies and actions to help birds thrive in Hamilton. These actions include: 

  • Establishing a “no-roam” by-law for cats to reduce the impact of cat predation on wild bird populations,
  • Protecting natural lands and greenspaces, and implementing nature-based climate solutions such as tree planting and wetland restorations,
  • Conserving bird populations in Hamilton by engaging residents to participate in community science initiatives for children, youth and adults.

The Bird Friendly City designation has been developed by Nature Canada to encourage Canadian cities and municipalities to become safer and better places for birds. 

Birds play an essential role in maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems in our communities and on our planet. But there are three billion fewer birds in North America today than 50 years ago. Much of these losses are caused by human activities. As urban expansion continues, cities must act quickly to ensure that North America’s bird populations are protected and supported. 

Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City program encourages communities to take action to:

  • Reduce the number of human-related threats to birds such as roaming cats, the use of pesticides and glass treatment on buildings with large windows,
  • Create safe environments for birds by promoting stewardship and ensuring that natural habitats are protected and restored,
  • Engage and educate citizens about the benefits of Bird Friendly Cities and celebrating birds in our communities.

In each municipality seeking to become Bird Friendly certified, Bird Teams are created and residents are actively engaged in protecting, monitoring and celebrating their local bird populations. 

Nature Canada is pleased to acknowledge the support of Environment and Climate Change Canada for the Bird Friendly City program and World Migratory Bird Day.


Sandy Shaw, MPP | Official Opposition Environment Critic

“I am excited to learn that the City of Hamilton has been certified a Bird Friendly City by Nature Canada. Hamiltonians are proud of our wonderful green spaces and our local birds are a source of pride and much joy. The Bird Friendly City initiative helps us to take action and to celebrate local work that will make urban environments safer for all birds. Congratulations to the incredibly hard-working and dedicated team at Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington.”

Honourable Filomena Tassi, MP – Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas

“I am thrilled that Nature Canada has certified that Hamilton is a Bird Friendly City! Hamiltonians can take pride in working to ensure our urban environments are safe havens for birds. Community team members of the bird-friendly-city initiative are working hard to make Hamilton a better place for bird watching, nature walks and other experiences of the sights and sounds of nature. Bird-friendly city certification is an example of the work our government is doing to conserve 25 percent of land, inland waters and oceans in Canada by 2025 with a goal of 30 percent of each by 2030.” 

Dan Muys, MP – Flamborough-Glanbrook

“There’s nothing that lifts the spirits more on a spring day than the chorus of birds singing so beautifully. At our home, we also enjoy a winter bird feeder. The Hamilton area is blessed with some of the most incredible bird habitats in the world — Cootes Paradise, the RBG natural spaces, the Niagara Escarpment and many conservation areas. It all feeds our souls. I’m pleased to see Hamilton will join the league of Bird Friendly Cities. Thank you and congratulations to the dedicated community volunteers who made it happen.”

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