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Pine cones: Nature’s Gift to the Crafty

It’s holiday season! And with that comes the inevitable urge to create Christmas crafts and gifts.

Every fall I coerce my son out to the park to go “pine cone hunting” for various shapes and sized cones that we can add to our Christmas decor. Pine cones are a nice natural touch to add to the common plastic fanfare that usually surrounds the season. Wire pine cones in pairs and hang them on your tree. Fill a hurricane vase or glass bowl with pine cones, acorns and Christmas balls for a fresh centrepiece. For a more ambitious project follow these steps for a one-of-a-kind wreath!

Materials you will need:

Image of a Pine Cone Wreath

  • 50-100 pine cones – long pine cones (ie. Eastern White Pine), short pine cones (ie. Ponderosa or Scots Pine) and/or Small pine cones
  • 1 x wire wreath frame (18” frame used here)
  • 20-30 gauge floral wire
  • Wire snips
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hot glue

Before you start:

If some pine cones are not dry, place them on a cookie sheet in the oven on low until the scales open. Also divide your pine cones up by size.


Step 1 – Base Layer: Long, narrow pine cones work best for the base layer. Otherwise start your first layer using your larger pine cones. Arrange the pine cones pointing outwards on the outer ring of your frame. Using short pieces of wire, individually fasten the pine cones to the frame.Repeat this until the first outer ring of cones is secured.

For extra security, weave one long length of wire in and out of the ring of cones, tightening it to the frame.

Step 2 – Arrange your second row of pine cones, overlapping the base layer as shown. Secure the layer by weaving wire through the layer to the frame, or adhere the layer using hot glue.

Repeat Step 2 for additional layers if necessary.

Step 3 – Turn your wreath over and secure any loose or wiggling pine cones with hot glue.

Step 4 – Add final touches to your wreath by filling any spaces or gaps by hot gluing bundles of small pine cones, or acorns in place.

Step 5 – Decorate your wreath using a bow or ornaments, or simply hang as is for an all season decoration.Image of a pine cone wreath

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