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DIY: Fall Gourd Bird Feeder

‘Tis the season for decorative gourds! Why not put those cute Cucurbitaceae to good use by turning one (or many) into a bird feeder? This is a great way to bring birds to your yard while decorating for the season.

Gourds come in many shapes and sizes, but all will work for this easy DIY feeder. The first thing that you will need to get are a few materials listed below. 


  • Gourd(s) – it does not matter what size as long as you are able to fill it with bird seed;
  • Short serrated knife or small hand saw for hard gourds;
  • String or twine to hang your feeder up;
  • Twigs, toothpicks or kebab sticks as stand for the birds; and
  • Drill with ¼” bit (optional).


Step 1: Cut off the top section of your gourd and set aside. Remove the seeds.

Step 2: Evenly space out and mark the locations for 3-4 holes on the side of the gourd edge. Using a knife or drill poke holes through to the interior.

Step 3: Feed strings through the holes, knotting them in place.

Image of steps to building a Gourd Bird Feeder

Steps 1 through 3. Photos by Laura Strachan

Step 4: Inserts toothpick or sticks into the sides for perches
Step 5 (optional): Replace the top section onto your birdfeeder by skewering it in place with toothpicks or by adding holes to the top, knotting it in place. Make sure you leave enough clearance for the birds to reach the seed!

Final steps to gourd bird feeder by Laura Strachan

Final steps to gourd bird feeder by Laura Strachan

Fill and hang! Let us know how this fall craft turns out for you! 

Image of a DIY Gourd Bird Feeder

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