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Hope On The Horizon: Thank You To Our Supporters

After a most unusual year, hope seems very much on the horizon something to embrace and hold dear as we move ahead:

  • Hope that we can enjoy more time in nature in the coming weeks and months to help us better cope;
  • Hope that we’ll protect our precious wildlife, fight climate change and ensure a just society;
  • Hope for a healthier and more resilient future for all of us in the new year and for years to come.

2020 has taught us the importance of gratitude and acknowledging those who sacrifice and help in times of need. At Nature Canada, we would like to thank every one of our donors and supporters that stood tall with us. To our many partners, volunteers, funders, and friends, old and new, working together has been the positive light to get us all through these challenging times and ensure that nature will continue to be there for us and future generations. You give us hope.

Despite COVID-19, we can celebrate the following victories and wins this past year:

  • Interim Protection of Grasslands! Govenlock, Nashlyn, and Battle Creek pastures in the Grasslands of Southern Saskatchewan contain some of the most endangered landscapes on earth.  These heritage ranch lands provide are critical habitat for species at risk like the Pronghorn Antelope, Burrowing Owl, and Greater Sage Grouse;
  • The promise to create 2 New Conservation Reserves in Ontario’s Prince Edward County, home to over 30 at-risk species in the area, including Monarch Butterfly, Peregrine Falcon, and Short-eared Owl; and
  • Thousands of letters sent and petitions signed to tell decision-makers to Make Room for Nature by defending Canada’s glorious forests, wetlands, grasslands, tundra, oceans, and lakes by protecting 30% of lands and waters by 2030.

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Despite having to pivot to new ways of ensuring connectedness and fostering a sense of community, each and every one of you has played a critical role to protect wild areas, save wildlife, and restore nature. 

Thank you so very much for raising your voice for nature. Every donation given, petition signed, telephone call, or visit to an MP has pushed for positive change.

Hope you can enjoy nature’s beauty and blessings this holiday season! 

Stay safe and well and enjoy the start of a brighter 2021.

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