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Ending the Year With Hope on the Horizon

This past year has been  an unusual one, but with it came hope something to embrace and hold dear as we look forward to an even better year ahead:

  • Hope that we can enjoy more time in nature in the coming weeks and months to help us better cope;
  • Hope that we’ll protect our precious wildlife, fight climate change and ensure a just society;
  • Hope for a healthier and more resilient future for all of us in the new year and for years to come.

2021 has taught us the importance of gratitude and acknowledging those who sacrifice and help in times of need. At Nature Canada, we would like to thank every one of our donors and supporters that stood tall with us. To our many partners, volunteers, funders, and friends, old and new, working together has been the positive light to get us all through these challenging times and ensure that nature will continue to be there for us and future generations. You give us hope.

Despite this pandemic, we can celebrate the following victories and wins this past year:

  • A historic investment in nature! The investment of $3.2 billion announced in the budget will help to create and expand protected areas in Canada and protect our land, freshwaters and oceans;
  • Protection campaigns for the Deepsea Oasis on the West coast, the Grasslands in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and Boreal Forests and Watershed around James Bay in Ontario. Critical habitats for countless species at risk like the Pronghorn Antelope, Burrowing Owl, Grizzly bears, Woodland Caribou, Blue Whale and many others;
  • Opposition of proposed coal mines in Alberta and British Columbia. An extremely important step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and selenium pollution of waterways as well as better protection for Grizzly and Bighorn Sheep habitats.
  • There are now more Bird Friendly Cities than ever! Including Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Calgary. Bird team volunteers in cities all across Canada are working together to take conservation actions so that birds can survive and thrive in their cities.

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Despite having to pivot to new ways of ensuring connectedness and fostering a sense of community, each and every one of you has played a critical role to protect wild areas, save wildlife, and restore nature. 

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.