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Meet Kathleen, Certified Pollinator Steward and Legacy Donor

“I stood looking at a big, long stretch of overgrown garden with lots of unfamiliar plants—and I was the proud new owner! We had just purchased our home, which had a lovely stretch of garden and green space, but it definitely needed some tender loving care. I remember the first time I noticed this delicate little yellow flower, growing near the edge and in a long-running stretch to the back. There was just something about it that I was drawn to. After some research, I realized it was a wood poppy—and it was endangered!

In that moment, I was dedicated to creating gardens that would help native plants and save my precious Wood Poppy. Today, I have 24 different gardens and I’m a certified pollinator steward. My daughter is studying forestry and helps me build new and innovative habitats—including a new permaculture garden! I believe, in my heart and soul, that the Earth tells us what it needs: we just need to learn, listen and respond. We are here to steward the land and the water: the green and the blue. We can’t take any more, we have to give back. We have to change our thinking. We have a responsibility to native plants and native lands.

I also believe that philanthropy is a vehicle to make change. I work in finance, and I understand the power of compounding impact, when every donation builds on the others. Making the decision to remember Nature Canada in my Will is a way for me to support the blue and the green forever. I pegged Nature Canada as, in my opinion, are making the biggest difference for nature. Because our voices for nature are strongest together. My husband, Joe, and my daughter, Michaela, both know about my intentions. It used to be that “we just didn’t talk about money” and that doesn’t make sense to me. If you, as a parent, have never talked to your kids about your money, where it comes from, where it is now, and what you want to do with it, then it can create a massive misunderstanding. Just talk about it especially, what you hope to accomplish!

– Kathleen (Kit) Rocha Guardian of Nature Monthly Donor, Whittemore Legacy Circle Donor

Thank you, Kit, for sharing your story. I love connecting with our donors and hearing your stories about why you love nature and commit to protecting it with your gifts today and your gifts in the future. You are always invited and encouraged to contact me for a confidential conversation about your gifts in action and how you can protect nature forever with a gift in your Will. Or consider listening to our recent webinar to hear Kit share more. You can reach me at 1 (800) 267-4088 ext. 239 or Thank you!

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