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The Budget is Canada’s most important environmental document of the year

Image of 4 circles with text saying recommendations for Budget 2013

Last month the Green Budget Coalition (GBC) released its recommendations for the 2013 budget (haven’t seen them? Here’s the English, and the French).

Acting on the knowledge that the environment and the economy are “inextricably linked“, as Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty has said, the Coalition prepares common sense recommendations that, if adopted, would lead to a healthier environment, a healthier economy and healthier lives for us all.

Sixteen of the country’s leading environmental and conservation organizations come together to form the GBC, and Nature Canada is proud to have hosted the GBC since its founding in 1999.

How does the Green Budget Coalition work? What kinds of recommendations does it make? A recent article in The Lobby Monitor does a good job of answering these questions. Normally you need a subscription to read The Lobby Monitor but the good folks there have allowed us to post the article as a pdf for everyone to read.


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