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House Passes Bill C-38

Today, our elected Members of Parliament passed Bill C-38.

You know this is bad news for nature and the health of our communities and democracy. If you joined us in participating in the Black Out Speak Out campaign, you may be feeling, like us, as if your efforts over the last month to speak out in defence of these core Canadian values have been ignored.

Please keep in mind however that something remarkable has happened recently — and you were a part of this:

Thousands of Canadians from across the country and different sectors and political backgrounds have joined together to speak out for a future that does not deny our democratic traditions or our interconnectedness and our interdependence on nature.

Rest assured that we will build on this moment of unity.  We invite you to share your thoughts about ways to keep our voices strong on  Facebook. And, please stand-by for the next update which will come in less than 10 days. In the meantime,  you may wish to read my public statement below, or the media release that we and our Black Out Speak Out partners issued.

Here is the statement I issued on behalf of Nature Canada:
Today, Members of Parliament passed Bill C-38, the omnibus budget bill that represents sweeping changes to our system of environmental laws in order to fast-track development projects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline.
In passing this budget bill, essential protections are being removed at the expense of our land, water, climate and wildlife. It represents an abdication of the federal government’s number one responsibility, to protect the health and safety of its people.
The gutting of environmental safeguards means that Canadians will face increasing risk from rushed industrial projects, and will have fewer opportunities to participate in environmental reviews before they are approved.

At a time of increasing investment in a resource economy, Canadians are calling for more environmental protection, not less. Unfortunately, Bill C-38 is taking us all in the wrong direction, at the expense of nature and democracy. 

Silence is not an option. Join us, and continue to speak out for nature and democracy.


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