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Nature HomeSchool is a library of diverse resources to help educators, guardians, leaders, and learners connect with nature.

The evidence has made it abundantly clear — spending time in nature is good for us, from the mental and physical health benefits, to improved children and youths’ development and learning.

Nature Canada’s NatureHood program is founded on society’s growing disconnect from nature, and an understanding of the numerous complex barriers to accessing nature. The goal of our NatureHood program is to connect urban residents, particularly young people and their families, to nearby nature.

About the Program

Prompted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and an increase in outdoor learning, and homeschooling parents, guardians, and caretakers, Nature Canada’s NatureHood team developed Nature HomeSchool – a collection of resources for children, youth, parents, and educators of all kinds. These nature-themed and nature-based resources come from our NatureHood regional partners. This resource hub is a living library of videos, downloadable activities, teaching slide decks, and more.

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We’ve compiled a library of nature-based and nature-themed resources created by our NatureHood partners. Jump to newest ➝

Make a Sound Map Activity

Audience: ages 5+
Topic: Engaging kids outdoors, birding, biodiversity, habitats, mapping, mindfulness in nature, primer for nature observation

Making a sound map is a great way to slow down and tune in to the space you are in. This is an opportunity to tap into and focus on your other senses. Observation using all senses is the key to nature observation. Discover this simple technique and other free outdoor activities when you join (free) the GET OUT! Kids’ Club with the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.

Engaging Kids in Nature on the Trail

Audience: Educators, Parents, Guardians, Caregivers
Topic: Engaging Kids Outside

In June 2020, staff at the YNC participated in the NSEN’s Green Education Snapshots event, profiling our favourite tips and tricks for nature learning while on the trail.

Nature Scavenger Hunts – Easy, Moderate, and Difficult

Audience: Educators, parents, youth
Topic: Engaging Kids Outside, Inquiry, Sensory

Get outside and learn about the nature around you with these wildlife-themed scavenger hunts from Nova Scotia! Easy, Moderate, and Difficult levels to match your adventuring style and age group.

Nature Heroes

Audience: This resource is for families with kids aged 4-12 to participate in nature activities from their home with their friends and family.
Topic: General nature information such as how to build a bird feeder, how to observe your bird feeder, how to learn about insects, calculating your water usage in your home, home to make environmentally friendly cleaners, etc.

Learn about nature at home with friends and family and become environmental stewards just like Stewart the Swift Fox. There are 10 activities within this booklet with descriptions on materials needed and instructions on how to complete the activity as well as information on various species such as swift foxes, grasshoppers, bats, and bighorn sheep.

Bird and Plant Species at Risk Colouring and Activity sheets

Audience: Children
Topic: Prairie Species at risk

Stuck inside? Discover the prairies as you colour these at risk species. Challenge yourself to learn about each one. Have you seen it before? What does it remind you of?

At Home With Nature – Leafy Lessons

Audience: 8+ children, and educators, caregivers, guardians, parents
Topic: Plant parts, processes, types, and functions

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) At Home With Nature e-Learning videos, activities, lesson plans, and additional resources are designed to help families, as well as teachers and their classes, deepen their knowledge of nature, ecology, the environment and their place in it. Discover a variety of topics from the comfort of your own home!

Did you know trees are the world’s largest plants, covering approximately one-third of the Earth’s land surface? Learn about their fascinating world!

Virtual Explorer Day: Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea 

Audience: Our Virtual Explorer Day videos are suitable for all ages but NatureKids BC is predominantly targeted for children ages 5-12
Topic: Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea 

 Many types of mammals that live close to us are specially adapted to spend most, if not all, of their life in the ocean! Nature Mentor Joan Lopez teaches us about the amazing mammals found in the Salish Sea. Joan is a Marine Biologist and Marine Educator, and also the Chair of the Marine Biology Committee of Nature Vancouver.  

Bird Banding at the Vaseux Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary  

Audience: High school age young people, educators, homeschooling parents, guardians, or caregivers
Topic: Bird banding, migratory birds 

The videos provide an intimate look at many species of native birds in the Okanagan-Similkameen region and explains the bird banding process. Watch scientists handle birds and explore how scientists collect important population information of our migratory friends. 

Monarch Butterfly Kit 

Audience: Children 5-12
Topic: Monarch, migration, life cycle 

This creative and educational resource will help your child learn about the monarch butterfly from home! The Monarch Butterfly Kit includes fun monarch facts and activities including a migration map, word search, two fun butterfly crafts, and a wonderful milkweed colouring page!  


Audience: Grades k – 4 educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents (with New Brunswick curriculum links)
Topic: Adaptations, predation, food chains, outdoor education

This kit will help introduce the concepts of food chains, predation, and adaptation to your class – all while learning about the wonderful world of owls!

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Passeport aux idées fraîches

Audience: Educators, guardians, caretakers
Topic: Heat islands, cool islands, climate change, mitigation activities / Îlots de chaleurîlots de fraîcheurchangement climatiqueactivités  d’atténuation 

Votre quartier a chaud et cela affecte votre qualité de vie et celles  de vos  voisins? Cet outil vous propose des gestes simples et concrets  afin d’augmenter la résilience de votre quartier face aux changements climatiques et à la pollution. Suscitez l’action autour de vous et contribuez à la création  d’un véritable îlot de fraîcheur!  

World Migratory Bird Day BINGO 

 Audience: Children
Topic: Engaging children outdoors, migratory birds 

 Get outside exploring your NatureHood. The first person to observe the items in a straight or diagonal line wins. As you explore – notice the sights, sounds, and smells. Challenge yourself to learn something new about nature all around you. 

Migratory Bird Educational Resource 

Audience: Teachers, educators, homeschooling parents, guardians, and caregivers
Topic: Migratory Birds, and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Greater Victoria Area  

Friends of Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary produced a migratory bird activity resource for middle and high school students in close collaboration with three teachers from Sidney area schools. Use this teaching resource to lead students in an exploration of the Greater Victoria Area birds and protected areas, and investigate why birds migrate, the challenges along the way, and how communities can help their local migratory birds.  

At Home With Nature – Frog Watch at Home 

 Audience: 6+ children, and educators, caregivers, guardians, parents
Topic: All about frogs and observing frogs 

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s (TRCA) At Home With Nature e-Learning videos, activities, lesson plans, and additional resources are designed to help families, as well as teachers and their classes, deepen their knowledge of nature, ecology, the environment, and their place in it. Discover a variety of topics and exciting ways to learn more about them- from the comfort of your own home! 

Learn about Ontario’s frogs and toads and how to identify them by their unique calls. Afterward, try creating the calls at home and building a toad shelter!

Astronomy Kit 

Audience: Grades 3-6 educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents
Topic: Solar system, constellations, moon phases, planispheres

Learn about our solar system, constellations, moon phases and build your own planisphere!

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NatureHood Migration Obstacle Course for Kids! 

Audience: Educators, guardians, community leaders, caregivers, teachers 
Topic: Engaging children outdoors, migratory birds 

This is a wonderful how-to video for folks looking to engage young children in the topic of migration, protected areas, and the challenges birds face on their journey in an active and experiential way. This resource shows you what you need, how to guide the activity, and how to make learning connections!  

Tree Kit 

Audience: Grades 1-3 educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents (with New Brunswick curriculum links)
Topic: Tree anatomy, ecosystems, photosynthesis, sensory learning, outdoor education

Learn about how trees grow, eat, and breathe, and what species of trees exist here in New Brunswick.

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A Line-A-Day Log   NEW!

Audience: Children aged 7 and up, educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents
Topic: Seed dispersion, plants, outdoor education

Each day, get them involved with nature by jotting down a few words or a sentence about what they saw or experienced outdoors. At the end of the month, read them all together and in sequence! 

Adaptations Kit   NEW!

Audience: Grades 2-5, educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents (with links to New Brunswick curriculum)
Topic: Animal adaptation, ecosystems, outdoor education

Learn all about animal adaptations: what they are and why they are important. You’ll even go through examples of animal adaptations around the world and right here in Canada. Artistic expression and imagination required!

Sock Walk  NEW!

Audience: All ages, educators, homeschoolers, caregivers, parents
Topic: Seed dispersion, plants, outdoor education

Learn about how plants spread from place to place–through seed dispersal, some even hitch a ride on passing animals! Take a Sock Walk and discover how many plants in your neighbourhood are ‘hitchhikers’.  

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