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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NatureHood regional partners have adapted their work to engage young people in nature in new ways. Please visit their websites to find learning resources, digital events, webinars, and other initiatives!

British Columbia

Friends of Shoal Harbour aims to inspire connection to, and protection of nearby nature among local families, with an emphasis on migratory birds and the three Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in the Victoria area: Shoal Harbour, Victoria Harbour, and Esquimalt Lagoon. Friends of Shoal Harbour partners with local school groups to carry out citizen science projects, hosts public events, and partners with local conservation organizations to continue to advocate for the protection of nature spaces.

NatureKids BC is a nature discovery and environmental action organization that helps children form meaningful and enduring connections with nature. Families are invited to become members and attend monthly Explorer Days activities offered at Alaksen National Wildlife Area, Shoal Harbour, Esquimalt Lagoon, Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuaries, and locally throughout the province, and gain access to a quarterly BC-based kids Nature publication called NatureWILD.

Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance (OSCA) provides opportunities to experience, discover, explore and protect the unique and amazing environment in the South Okanagan Valley. OSCA facilitates public events such as the annual Meadowlark Nature Festival, and programs for local school groups such as the Ecostudies outdoor education program at Vaseaux Bighorm National Wildlife Area


Nature Alberta’s Nature Kids facilitates nature-based school group and public event programming in the Calgary, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, and Edmonton areas, inviting families out to the Inglewood Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Beaverhill Lake Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Gaetz Lake / Red Deer Migratory Bird Sanctuary, Saskatoon Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary and biospheres throughout Alberta. Program offerings have a focus on nature observation, interpretation, and citizen science. 

Immigrant Services Calgary provides a wide range of settlement services to immigrants and refugees. Through the NatureHood partnership, Immigrant Services Calgary is implementing a nature-based curriculum for newcomer children and youth, through the existing After School Program (8-12) and Core Connections Program (12-20). The curriculum will focus on increasing awareness of nature and outdoor activities within an urban setting during the winter while developing skills related to leadership and mentorship.


Nature Saskatchewan engages and inspires people to appreciate, learn about and conserve Saskatchewan’s natural environment. Nature Saskatchewan holds free public events in addition to offering school group programming, and engaging in partnership with community-based organizations such as SaskAbilities, City Kidz, and Regina Open Door Society in the Regina area including Wascana Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Last Mountain National Wildlife Area

Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre (SFBLC)’s Garden Patch is an urban farm that grows organic, locally produced food for emergency food baskets and offers free sustainability, environmental education, gardening, and food production learning opportunities. Through the NatureHood partnership, SFBLC has created programming to engage young people in urban nature and connect them to the St. Dennis Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Programming will reach community members accessing food and other programs, in addition to school and community groups.


Green Ummah is a grassroots organization that seeks to create an environmental movement in the Canadian Muslim community. Green Ummah aims to plant the seeds for conservation and provide pathways for Muslims to connect with nature and integrate sustainable living into their daily lives. As part of NatureHood, they are launching a Curriculum Project to be delivered to Muslim and non-Muslim youth through schools, Mosques, community centers and online covering a range of topics and nature-based opportunities including a trip to St Clair National Wildlife Area.

Long Point World Biosphere Reserve offers curriculum-linked hands on learning opportunities in the Big Creek and Long Point National Wildlife Areas to school groups and the public in Southwestern Ontario. Their programs range in topics with a primary focus on biodiversity and citizen science.

Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory delivers on-site curriculum-based educational programs to local school groups in the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area. Public migration related festivals and events are also offered at the Bird Observatory and throughout Prince Edward County.

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre brings nature-based resources and programming to Simcoe County through school group programs and public workshops, specifically supporting under-resourced schools. All programming uniquely takes place in the 3,000 acres of wetlands, fen and forest in Midland’s Wye Marsh National Wildlife Area.

Trails Youth Initiatives offers a unique nature-based program that focuses on building confidence through skill development, high school credits, bursaries, and mentorship, with the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. The program equips under resourced youth in vulnerable situations with outdoor skills, and access to nature at a natural environment facility, and in the Greater Toronto Area at Tommy Thompson Park.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is a leader in environmental education and has been delivering innovative learning programs and events since 1954. One of TRCA’s education programs is Beyond The Park. In partnership with the NatureHood program, the Beyond The Park mobile nature-based program is being offered in under-resourced communities throughout the City of Toronto in an effort to address barriers to green space. The program incorporates mentorship of community champions and a trip to Tommy Thompson Park in Toronto. 


Nature Quebec invites Quebec City area elementary school groups to engage with their urban nature as part of their NatureHood program. School groups engage in citizen science, learn about biodiversity, and connect to nature – the greatest outdoor classroom, both locally and in a field trip to Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area

Earthvalues Institute (EVI) is built on the fundamental guiding principle that nature as our teacher and guide. EVI creatively weaves nature themes into school curricula, leadership trainings, and all other programs. EVI offers a NatureHood summer camp, workshops to students and teachers in the Eastern Townships School Board, and takes groups out to Senneville Migratory Bird Sanctuary and Lac Saint-François National Wildlife Area in the Montreal area. 

Nova Scotia

Young Naturalists Club (YNC) hosts field trips and special events where families can learn from expert naturalists, explore local parks & trails, and experience the many fascinating natural phenomena that make Nova Scotia so awesome. Families in Halifax, East Hants, Musquodoboit Valley, or Cape Breton can join a chapter and explore the Sand Pond and Boot Island National Wildlife Areas with the Young Naturalist Club!

Flying Squirrel Adventures facilitates learning about nature in nature by bringing people together to learn, share, and explore in the Annapolis Valley,  Nova Scotia. Flying Squirrel Adventures offers free public outdoor programs in the Kentville Migratory Bird Sanctuary and local ravines, and offers unique programs in partnership with community-based organizations to reach under resourced communities and address access barriers. 

New Brunswick

Nature NB invites young people to connect with nature through their NatureKids program and partners with local schools, youth groups, and organizations that serve New Canadians. Shepody Bay and Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Areas are among the nature spaces explored by Nature NB programs.

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