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52 Green Tips for the New Year

Want to be more eco-friendly this year? We have a green tip you can try every week in 2020!

With the New Years comes the resolutions to do something different this year. If your choosing to be more environmentally friendly, here are 52 ideas, one new tip a week, that can make a big difference.

For your home

  • Create a bee-friendly garden in you backyard or on your balcony.
  • Participate in a community garden.
  • Do your best to repair more things, whether it is a toaster or a piece of clothing.
  • Find sustainable alternatives for all your favourite items and brands.
  • Do your own repairs to broken items in your home to avoid waste.
  • Switch to reusable batteries in things like your remotes or cameras.
  • Cut the trash. Break down your garbage as best as you can.
  • Switch your home to greener energy.
  • Collect and use rain water.

For your kitchen

  • Cook more from scratch.
  • Eat more organic food.
  • Skip the meat and have fun finding alternatives for protein.
  • Grow your own food.
  • Cut down on food waste and compost where you can.
  • Find fair trade products for the exotic types of food, such as coffee and tea (plus you can find bird-friendly coffee)!
  • Use seasonal foods in your cooking.
  • Buy from your local farmers where possible.

For the kids

  • Try out DIY projects out of things you have at home.
  • Cut phantom energy from your home. Have the kids help shut off lights and unplug electronics that could be taking energy when not in use.
  • Get your family outside to learn about their local NatureHood.
  • Build a backyard habitat for local animals, like bird houses.
  • Create cloth bees wax paper to use in lunches.
  • Use old crayon’s wax in crafts such as making candles.

For the workplace

  • Switch to LED lights and cut the phantom energy.
  • Go paperless.
  • Purchase recycled paper or seed paper.
  • Talk to your company about greener solutions around the office such as recycling or composting.

For shopping

  • Bring your own shopping bags and entirely skip the single use plastic.
  • Avoid fast fashion.
  • Create a capsule wardrobe with only the classics out fits you will need.
  • Get thrifting.
  • Donate old clothing or use old t-shirts for cloths for household cleaning.
  • Host clothing swaps.
  • Try your hand at sewing.

For your cleaning

  • Hang laundry to dry and skip the dryer.
  • Switch your washer to cold and cut the time down in your settings.
  • Clear out the chemicals from your home and use eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Reduce paper towel usage and use reusable cloths instead.
  • Cut stray water usage.

For your travels

  • Bring a reusable water bottle on trips.
  • Walk, bike and take public transit where possible.
  • Reduce gas use by driving electric or more fuel efficient car.
  • Try your best to carpool where possible.
  • Carry a reusable straw and utensils for eating fast food out.

Other green tips

  • Donate to a charity like Nature Canada that is helping the planet.
  • Become more aware of changes in our environment and the importance of biodiversity through reading or watching a documentary.
  • Reach out to your favourite brands to ask about how they can make their products more environmentally friendly.
  • Reach out to local government officials to encourage them in being part of the solution for a cleaner environment.
  • Volunteer for your local environmental charity.
  • Join your local park for clean up days or initiatives.
  • Advocate for better environmental protection through signing petitions or writing letters to your local editor.
  • Create or join a neighbourhood Facebook page where you can share, donate, swap or trade old and unused items.
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