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Eco Tips from the Eco Hub: Spring Time

As consumers, we are able to use our purchasing power to influence change and help protect wildlife and wilderness for future generations. This spring, consider the impact that you have on the environment and reflect on how you can make it positive!

About the Eco Hub: The Eco Hub is a digital media company founded by journalist Candice Batista. At its core is a website that connects conscious consumers to brands and companies that care about people and the planet. Their goal is to empower Canadians to make informed and thoughtful decisions about the things they purchase daily.

Spring Cleaning

With a new season around the corner, it is likely that we will be looking to start with our spring cleaning. Many cleaning products are toxic to the members of our households, and to the environment, where the products inevitably end up. To avoid spreading toxins without compromising on cleanliness, learn how to Spring Clean your Home in a non-toxic way, with tips from a pro!

Declutter responsibly

Spring cleaning, and decluttering this year? Living minimally and reducing the constant demand for new products is in. Sending clothes to the landfill is out. Read these tips to make sure that you recycle your clothes properly!

Find out who made your clothes

Fast fashion is top of mind for many, and with good reason. This industry has a significant impact on the planet and well-being of humans in the garment industry. Here is a piece with insight into the ways to be an ethical shopper.

Minimize Your Waste at Home

What good is it to clean and declutter our homes if we keep creating waste? Candice shares 11 Simple Steps to Minimize Your Waste at Home. Are you interested in learning about food waste too? Read this to learn what you can do to waste less food and reduce your carbon footprint today!

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