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Strengthening Environmental Laws

In 2019 Nature Canada and other environmental groups succeeded in strengthening key federal environmental laws that had been gutted in 2012:

  • Impact Assessment Act has a new focus on public participation, climate,  sustainability and rights of Indigenous communities in reviewing industrial developments such as coal mines, pipelines, oil sands projects and hydro dams
  • Fisheries Act amendments restore lost fish habitat protections and include new measures to build fish stocks
  • Canadian Energy Regulator Act replaces the discredited National Energy Board and establishes a new focus on climate
  • Canadian Navigable Waters Act makes it easier for Indigenous peoples and the public to see waterways protected.

These victories were won despite unprecedented efforts by the oil and gas industry and Government of Alberta to derail the legislation in the Senate.

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About the Campaign

Nature Canada and our allies continue to fight to ensure that these laws are implemented to truly defend and restore nature and reduce carbon and other pollution. Here is what Nature Canada is doing this year:

  • Intervening in a lawsuit brought by the Alberta government.  Nature Canada is arguing that the new Impact Assessment Act is valid federal law under Canada’s constitution
  • Ensuring that nature groups across Canada understand the new laws and the tools they provide to defend nature.
  • Supporting local nature groups concerned about impacts on nature of proposed coal mines in western Canada, highways through prairie grasslands, industrial hog farms in Ontario, fossil gas pipelines in Quebec,  and oil and gas exploration in offshore Newfoundland
  • Pushing for better regulations that, for example, require all industrial projects that propose to pollute large quantities of greenhouse gases to be assessed federally

How to Help

This is a critical year to implement the laws that protect Canada’s nature. Please join thousands of other Canadians using their voice to tell Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Environment and Climate Change Wilkinson to implement Canada’s environmental laws vigorously and stand up to industry lobbyists!

Want to Help?

Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.