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Douglas H. Pimlott Award

The Douglas H. Pimlott Award is Nature Canada’s highest honour.

Douglas H. Pimlott was a renowned conservationist, wildlife biologist, ecologist and environmentalist. He was the founder of the modern environmental movement in Canada. The award was created over 30 years ago and is Nature Canada’s pre-eminent award. It is given to an individual whose outstanding contributions to Canadian conservation serve as an example to us all.


The Douglas H. Pimlott Award is Nature Canada’s most prestigious conservation award. It honours individuals who have demonstrated a significant contribution throughout their lifetime through words and deeds to the conservation of Canada’s biodiversity, landscapes and wilderness. This contribution may have resulted from the individual’s occupational or professional responsibilities, and/or from their activities as a citizen or member of a group. On occasion an award may be made for a very special one-time achievement/contribution. Our preference is to make the award to a ‘living’ individual who has not otherwise received widespread recognition, although a ‘post-humous’ award may be considered.

**We have temporarily paused nominations for the Pimlott Award.**

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