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Legacy endowments

You can help conserve and protect Canada’s nature forever by making a gift to our Building the Nature Nation Endowment Fund. An endowment is an enduring gift that provides income for years to come. Nature Canada established the Building the Nature Nation Endowment Fund to support the pressing conservation campaigns of today and for the future.Image of a child on a man's shoulders

Endowment funds are like savings accounts. Donations go into them and they stay in, invested permanently. Only the income earned is used to fund our program results. Donors can endow a gift via a gift of cash, gift of stock or by making a special provision in their Will.

If you would like to designate an endowed gift to a specific purpose, the following Special Purpose Endowments have also been established:

Our Animal and Habitat Protection Endowment funds on-the-ground conservation efforts to protect important bird areas, national parks and wildlife areas and protect endangered species.

Our Nature Education and Outreach Endowment supports our work to connect thousands of children to nature each year. These learning experiences nurture a passion for nature and motivate young people to care about nature as deeply as you do, becoming active, responsible stewards of the environment.

Named Endowments

An endowment can be named after yourself or a family member to memorialize a loved one. It can be created for as little as $25,000.

For example, our Charles Labatiuk Nature Endowment Fund supports the important work of understanding Alberta’s bird populations for years to come at the Beaverhill Lake Bird Observatory in Tofield, Alberta. The Fund, established in 2009 through a generous legacy gift left by Nature Canada member Charles Labatiuk, supports conservation and education work at Beaverhill Lake Important Bird Area. It will also support a scholarship for a young naturalist to continue their post-secondary studies in the natural sciences and award the Charles Labatiuk Volunteer Award each year for exceptional bird stewardship efforts.

You too can leave a lasting natural legacy through an endowed gift. You can help protect the animals and wilderness you cherished and treasured in your lifetime.

(If you are interested in designating an endowment gift in your Will, we ask that you contact Nature Canada prior to completing your Will to ensure your gift intentions can be met.)

For more information:

Our Legacy Giving Manager, Jodi Joy can provide you with more information about our endowment fund program. If you would like more information about creating a lasting gift to Nature Canada in your Will or by gifts of cash/stock, please contact Jodi directly at 1-800-267-4088 ext 239 or by e-mail at

Prudence & Accountability:

When you gift to any of our Endowment Funds, you can be assured that your gift is invested and managed wisely by professional counsel so that the income earned from your donation will help us meet our most urgent conservation issues.

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