A Voice for Nature

Image of a nature lover

As a youngster growing up in a small town in New Brunswick, life was a big adventure. Often Marilyn would walk her dog along the St. John River shoreline observing critters here and there. This special time shaped her later love of nature. 

As a mother of two young daughters she volunteered as the local chapter Brownie leader and inspired many young girls with nature experiences as well.  She considers herself fortunate to have camped in many of the provincial parks all across Ontario, with the Pinery and Charleston Lake as favorites.  She’s also hiked along the Bruce Peninsula, close to her home. For many decades, she’s been a member of her local naturalist club enjoying many outings offered and continuing to grow her nature knowledge.  First as part of the North Halton Peel Field Naturalists’ and now, for over a decade with the Saugeen Field Naturalists.

Marilyn notes that she’s observed changes in the natural world which she believes are the effects of climate change.  Water levels reduced in her local watershed, a decrease in the number of pollinators observed to name a few.   She believes we all need to think about the environment with a long term viewpoint.  “Naturalists need to get even more active and involved in the issues, we all have to do more and reflect on how to make sure our actions will endure forever.”

She’s convinced that Nature Canada represents her views and speaks on her behalf, acting as a voice for nature.  That’s why she chose to make a gift in her Will to support Nature Canada’s future conservation and education efforts.

Marilyn has also acted in her own backyard, securing an easement on the class 1 wetland on her 17 acre property, protecting it from future development.  “It’s a beautiful place and I hear the ducks, geese, toads and frogs throughout the wetland. It is wonderful to know this little piece is protected for them.”