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Monarch Butterfly

Meet Ann, a ‘Monarch Midwife’ and Nature Canada Legacy Donor

I gasped. I blinked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never seen this kind of butterfly before and it landed right in front of me in my new garden in Grand Manan. I learned it was a Great Spangled Fritillary. I remember being just tickled by the name—like something out of a storybook. That was when I first fell in love with butterflies, about 15 years ago. I started planting butterfly bushes and adding milkweed. That’s when the Monarch butterflies started to grace me with their enchanting presence. I didn’t know anyone else creating butterfly gardens at the time, so I was really winging it.

I watched and learned from them. And now I’m kind of a Monarch midwife. I collect the eggs (leaving them on the leaves) that they lay on the underside of my milkweed and put them in big pickle jars, 4 to a jar. I move them into what used to be a shed but is now also a monarch nursery. When the eggs hatch into caterpillars all they do is eat and poop so everyday I empty the poop and add fresh leaves. Then in the next stage of the process known as metamorphosis, the caterpillar forms a pupa, which hangs from the upper side of the jar. After a few more weeks the pupa turns black or transparent, and I know it will hatch in 24 hours. When I see the butterfly, I put it out in the sun on a bush where it stays for a few minutes or hours before flying away.

At the right time, I’ll have 5 or 10 Monarchs at once fluttering around in the garden and that brings me much joy.

I’m proud to support Nature Canada because of their work to protect nature and save wildlife. Climate change is already impacting wildlife, including my precious monarchs. Donating is my way of taking action. I’m impressed by the range of Nature Canada’s work—protecting wild places, lobbying governments and defending our environmental laws, encouraging people to get out in nature, and more.

I make a point of looking at and revising my Will every few years, and adding Nature Canada makes me feel good, knowing this work will go on forever. My Will reflects my values. I believe in the power of collective action. Supporting Nature Canada means I can have more impact, alongside like-minded people, and that gives me hope.

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your story. I love connecting with our donors and hearing your stories about why you love nature and commit to protecting it with your gifts today and your gifts in the future. You are always invited and encouraged to contact me for a confidential conversation about your gifts in action and how you can protect nature forever with a gift in your Will. Or consider attending our upcoming webinar on October 4th to hear more.  You can reach me at 1 (800) 267-4088 ext. 239 or Thank you!

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