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Tuesday Trivia: Reptiles and Amphibians

Blanding's Turtle_Beatrice Laporte
Is Blanding’s turtle Canada’s largest turtle? Take the quiz to find out.
We’ve tested your knowledge on Canadian birds and mammals. Depending on how you did, you’re either feeling pretty good about yourself or you’re looking for redemption. This week could be your big break!How well do you know Canada’s reptiles and amphibians? Take the quiz and share it with your family and friends.
1. What is our largest turtle?
(a) Blanding’s turtle
(b) map turtle
(c) snapping turtle
(d) leatherback turtle
2. What is our most northerly reptile?
(a) painted turtle
(b) northern water snake
(c) common garter snake
(d) five-lined skink
3. What is Canada’s most poisonous snake?
(a) Massasauga rattlesnake
(b) western rattlesnake
(c) hognose snake
(d) queen snake

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