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Statement on the Roadmap for a Renewed Canada-U.S. Partnership

“Yesterday Canada and the U.S. officially entered a new age for bi-national cooperation to protect nature and the ecosystems that share our borders. Nature Canada is thrilled to see nature conservation and restoration highlighted as a top priority in the new roadmap for Canada-U.S. partnership.” – Gauri Sreenivasan | Director, Policy and Campaigns, Nature Canada

Read our report from earlier this month: Allies for Nature: A call for a Canada – U.S. agenda to support people and the planet 

In yesterday’s meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau, President Biden and other top officials, the two governments agreed to work together on protecting nature on land and sea, supporting Indigenous-led conservation and using nature-based solutions to fight climate change. As Minister Wilkinson and Special Envoy John Kerry meet to discuss cooperation on climate action later today, we trust nature-based solutions will continue to play a key role.

Nature recognizes no borders and global action is needed to reverse the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. We look forward to hearing more on how our governments will navigate this roadmap and take urgent action in the months ahead. Canada and the U.S. must continue to support progress toward protecting 30 percent of land, freshwater, and ocean at a global scale.

Earlier this month Nature Canada released Allies for Nature: A call for a Canada – U.S. agenda to support people and the planet. This report summarizes the opportunities for binational cooperation to protect shared ecological corridors, support Indigenous rights and conservation and advance nature-based climate solutions. It lays out critical steps the Trudeau and Biden governments must take to leverage this historic opportunity to protect and restore nature in the fight against species loss and climate change.

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