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Nature Platform Released to Help Canadians Vote for Nature

Nature Canada’s “Nature Platform” is a tool for Canadians to gauge how strong parties, leaders, and local candidates are on nature protection.


Unceded Algonquin Territory, Ottawa, ON – Aug 16, 2021

With Election 2021 underway, Nature Canada has released its own “Platform” of policies to help inform voters who want to see the next government halt and reverse nature loss. The platform has five planks:

  1. Protect at least 30% of lands, freshwater, and ocean by 2030
  2. Support Indigenous-led nature conservation
  3. Invest in nature’s crucial role in fighting climate change
  4. Restore urban biodiversity and expand access to green space for all
  5. Advance environmental justice and prevent environmental racism.

“All parties need to commit to protecting and restoring nature. And we’ll hold them to it,” says Hannah Dean, Director of Organizing for Nature Canada. “There are over 1,000 organizations in our network and we will be mobilizing as many folks as we can to make it clear that nature protection is an issue that can’t be ignored if you want to govern this country.”

Throughout the election campaign, Nature Canada will encourage its supporters to question leaders and candidates about their positions on these issues and to keep nature top of mind when it comes time to cast a vote.

“Canadians love nature and it’s under threat. Nature is part of who we are in the same way as other top issues like healthcare, cultural diversity, and human rights,” says Emily McMillan, Deputy Executive Director of Nature Canada. “Floods, fires, heatwaves and other unpredictable weather have put nature issues front and centre for the Canadian public.  We are in the middle of a mass extinction, so it’s imperative that we invest in protecting and restoring the nature we love while we’ve still got time.”

With the Nature Platform, Nature Canada is encouraging Canadians to talk to their local candidates about these critical issues. “We have developed a tool for voters to ask questions when candidates come knocking this fall. We have also created a pledge that candidates can sign and promote to let voters know that they are committed to protecting nature,” said McMillan.


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