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Nature Canada’s archives reveal quaint projections from a bygone era

[one_half][dropcap style=”default”]M[/dropcap]y name is Susan and I’m a co-operative education student from Nepean’s LDHSS here at Nature Canada. So far, I’ve been volunteering for a month in the communications department and already witnessed rapid growth. Of course, to get where you are today you had to have started somewhere…

As Nature Canada celebrates its 75th anniversary, we look back at our roots. Here I have a piece of history in my hands: the Minute Book of Audubon Society of Canada dating all the way back to 1948!

Some interesting notes I read included the Nature Walks’ mailing list expanding to more than 1000 people and the Canadian Audobon Society holding the largest single nature outing in Canada up until that point in time, which consisted of 750 people in 1956.[/one_half] [one_half_last]Today, Nature Canada has been reaching out to schools to get children involved with wildlife and environment through our outreach programs.

The Minutes Books recorded all of the meetings that were held and one especially interesting line caught our eye:
“4. Radio programmes. These are becoming increasingly popular and will be continued” regarding the developments of the Society by Mr. Livingston, then executive director. Surely, we’ve come a long way since.

I am absolutely amazed to witness the results of such rich history and can’t wait to be a part of many more interesting projects to come with Nature Canada.[/one_half_last]

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IMG_20140320_102527 IMG_20140320_1025401


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