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This blog post was contributed by reader Emma Mardle.

Even cruise lines – once notorious for their negative effect upon the environment – have wised up to fact that the wonder and beauty of nature is a large part of what draws in their customers and that they should therefore be doing their best to preserve it.

Various initiatives from cutting emissions to reducing waste and implementing stringent recycling schemes have brought the cruise industry into line with the green standard which modern eco-tourists expect. Some cruise lines have even begun to make their ships a positive boon to the environment through the cultivation of natural resources on board ship. According to USA Today, “Cruise companies, working with horticultural experts, have developed methods to keep all sorts of green stuff alive at sea – even grass and trees”, thus both offsetting carbon emissions and providing the kind of nature-bound experience many modern tourists crave. Increasingly, cruise lines reflect this new eco-conscious stance by marketing their vacations towards nature-loving tourists. Planetcruise speak rapturously of the Canadian coast in the fall when “the cool…air turns the foliage a dazzling crimson and gold”, and promise their customers “abundant natural beauty”.
Clearly this is a case wherein nature both draws in the customers and benefits from the eco-conscious outlook of those same customers. If such an attitude could be propagated amongst all vacation companies, the environment would undoubtedly be in a much better position – and, more to the point, have much more powerful backers.

Along with the efforts of various cruise lines and vacation companies, Nature Canada is doing our best to take part in providing a green cruise opportunity. This year we offer you an experience to travel aboard Adventure Canada’s “Newfoundland and Wild Labrador” cruise to gain more information on globally important bird areas. This is a great opportunity to see and learn about wildlife in their natural habitats while enjoying the Canadian scenery.

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