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Connect with Nature: 5 Easy End-of-Summer Activities

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Samantha Nurse, Web and Social Media Coordinator

Summer may be starting to wind down, but before we all head back to school and work, take a few minutes to connect with nature. Here are some of our top choices for some end-of-summer outdoor activities:

1. Get in one last camping trip. Pack up and head out for a day or a weekend surrounded by nature. Check out these five tips to be a nature-friendly camper!

2. Explore your city by bike. Get two wheels on the road and tour your town on a family bike outing. Ride familiar routes or discover a new favourite trail.Image of a man biking on a path

3. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. There is so much to explore right in your own backyard! Put a new spin on your familiar surroundings by turning each nature experience into a challenge that can be checked off your list.

4. Stay up late stargazing. Evenings are still fairly warm, but the sun sets just a bit earlier these days, providing ample time to explore the night skies. Lie in the grass and watch the stars dance through the dark.

5. Throw a nature tea party. Pack up some healthy snacks, juice or tea and your best picnic blanket to have an afternoon treat in the outdoors. Enjoy the decorations and soundtrack provided by Mother Nature.

What are you doing to celebrate nature as summer winds down? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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