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Image of Leslie Abram

Leslie Abram, Guest Blogger

Look closely- You never know what you might find right in your own backyard!

This blog was written by guest blogger, Leslie Abram.

You can go on a mini safari right outside your door! Take a look at the little things, like the tiny worlds inside water drops after the rain. Go looking for little creatures. You will have to look very carefully, as many of them, like this grey tree frog, blend right into their environments due to their amazing camouflage.

Image of a Grey Tree Frog

Grey Tree Frog by Leslie Abram

Ambush bugs lurk on flowers they know other insects will visit, like coneflowers, yarrow, and goldenrod. They stay so still that their prey don’t even know they are there until they are in the ambush bug’s claws. Ambush bugs can catch and kill much larger prey, such as honeybees.

Image of an ambush bug and bee

Ambush Bug waiting to grab a Honeybee by Leslie Abram

Assassin bugs also stay perfectly still and wait for their prey to come to them. This Assassin Bug Nymph has sticky front legs, which it uses to catch and hold its next meal.

Image of a Assassin Bug Nymph

Assassin Bug Nymph by Leslie Abram

Shiny bronze jewels? Actually, these are Stink Bug eggs! A close look through some asparagus leaves turned up these little gems.

Image of Stink Bug Eggs

Stink Bug Eggs by Leslie Abram

Who’s watching you when you don’t even know it? Take a slow walk through your yard. Look under leaves, observe what’s going on around flowers. Sit still for a few minutes and watch the dramas of nature unfold before you.

Image of a Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider by Leslie Abram

Small wonders are out there waiting to be discovered!

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