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Nature Canada Joins over 90 Groups in Calling for An Adaptation Strategy Focused on Nature

In December 2020, the federal government committed to developing Canada’s first Adaptation Strategy, set to outline how the Canadian economy and society can be more resilient and prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Nature groups from across Canada are urging Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault to put the protection of nature at the centre of the federal government’s forthcoming climate adaptation strategy.

Healthy forests, grasslands, wetlands, and coastal areas are not only critical habitats for wildlife. These ecosystems are also crucial to protecting human communities from heat waves, droughts, wildfires and intense rainfalls associated with climate change. And, since these ecosystems capture and store millions of tonnes of carbon, preserving them helps stop global warming from happening in the first place.

Credit: Kerry Rawlinson

The open letter from nature groups urges the federal government to ensure that its adaptation strategy aligns with Canada’s commitment to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030. The letter also outlines short-term actions to protect human communities and natural ecosystems, including increased funding for indigenous-led conservation, investment in natural infrastructure and nature-based solutions, and better protection of ecosystems threatened by climate change.

Groups are urging the government to ensure that this strategy addresses the resilience of all species threatened by climate change.

When Canada’s new strategy is released later this fall, we have a key opportunity to protect nature further and bring our economy back into balance with the natural systems upon which our survival depends. Subscribe for updates to get involved!

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