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The Isle of Flowerpots by Kyle Noonan

Nature Canada applauds Canada’s Earth Day Commitment to Nature

As we take the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day to reflect, we realize that the value of nature has never been more recognized. The health of our families, our communities, and—increasingly—our economy have understandably been at the forefront this last month and many of us have turned to nature to help us cope.

Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed today that as we move forward, nature and our environmental goals will not and cannot be neglected. He also re-confirmed Canada’s commitment to achieve the vitally important goal of protecting 25 percent of Canada’s land and 25 percent of our oceans by 2025.

Nature-based solutions to fight climate change, in particular, are rife with opportunities to be a part of the recovery process. For example, job-creation projects like the commitment to plant two billion trees and putting in place measures to sequester greenhouse gas pollution in forests, grasslands, agricultural lands, wetlands, and coastal areas and promote natural restoration.

With habitat loss caused by human activity being the leading cause of species collapse, there are endless opportunities for us to scale-up restoration initiatives. Hundreds of thousands of jobs can be created if we work with nature and investments can be directed to the ecosystems and communities that need it most.

Our Prime Minister’s statement today demonstrates Canada’s global leadership to be a conservation superpower. As we face this pandemic together, let’s make room for nature. Happy Earth Day. 

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