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MPP Chris Glover Introduces Bill to Make Bird Friendly Building Standards Part of the Building Code of Ontario

Here’s how you can help make this bill a reality.

Although preventable, bird and window collisions are one of the leading causes of bird mortality globally. Bird Friendly Building Standards that include window treatments, reduction of glass glazing as well as turning building lights off when not in use and other architectural features are well known to help significantly reduce collision deaths. 

Ontario MPP Chris Glover has brought forward a motion to incorporate the CSA 2019 Bird-Friendly Building Design standard into the Ontario Building Code. If passed, the bill would require bird-friendly materials to be included in the construction of all new residential and commercial buildings. A game changer for saving bird lives. 

Take Action

Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) Canada is the pre-eminent authority on the bird-building collision issue and is a cherished partner in Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City Program. The organization is taking the lead to bring awareness to the legislation. Here’s what you can do to help: 

  1. Send a letter to your MPP to encourage them to support the upcoming motion. You can use this google form to generate a template letter (Click here to find your MPP)
  2. Sign the petition 

There is no time like the present to make positive changes for Canada’s migratory birds. Including Bird Friendly Building Standards for all existing and future developments in the Ontario Building Code is an extraordinary way to do so. It is our hope that this legislation in Ontario will create momentum for similar legislation to be adopted in all other provinces and territories. 

To find more information about MPP Chris Glover’s proposed legislation to be tabled in Queen’s Park today on October 8th check out the following website. 

About the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) 

Over the past 30 years, FLAP has brought to our collective awareness the tragedy of 25 million annual bird deaths annually from collisions with glass and windows within the homes and buildings that we live and work in. 

The organization has worked to engage individuals and organizations to make our buildings and windows safer for birds. Their work has been a major contributor to Bird Friendly Building Standards.  


Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with FLAP and those who work to make our cities and towns safer for birds in a show of overwhelming support for Member of the Provincial parliament of Ontario Chris Glover’s bill. We urge the Ontario legislature to unanimously pass Mr. Glover’s bill and in doing so, know that they will be saving millions of bird lives in the future. 

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