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Join a Christmas Bird Count This Holiday Season!

Started in 1900, the Christmas Bird Count is North America’s longest-running Citizen Science project—and it could use your help. All over Canada (and the Western Hemisphere in general) nature-lovers like you and me count birds together to form one of the largest sets of wildlife survey data in the world! 

And the best part? Results are actually used by professionals on a daily-basis to assess the population trends and distribution of birds in your area. So if you needed an excuse to get outside, these are definitely events worth attending! 

Bird counts are happening across the country until January 5, 2022. Depending on your location, you might even have the option of bird counting from the comfort of your home!  Check out the comprehensive event map created by our partners at Birds Canada to find an event nearest you: 

Find a Christmas Bird Count

Nature Canada certified bird teams will also be participating, including our friends at the Fort Erie Bird Team! For more Christmas Bird Watch announcements, stay tuned via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) within the coming weeks. 

Want to join us in helping birds all year round? North American bird populations are decreasing at alarming rates, help us reverse this trend with coordinated, science-backed action through our Bird Friendly City program. Already, cities across Canada are coming together to make their cities bird friendly! 

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