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Holiday Wishes for Canada’s Nature!

Holiday Wishes for Canada’s Nature!

Thanks to thousands of Nature Canada members for taking time to let decision makers know you care dearly about Canada’s wildlife and wilderness.

Here’s an inspiring WISH LIST from members like YOU showing your compassion and dedication to nature:

Canada needs to focus on environmental leadership, intact biomes and preservation of wild areas for the future. -Beth

We are all citizens of the world.  We are all connected through our common requirement of a healthy environment to survive on this planet.  -Mona

We can chose to turn the corner on environmental decline and make protection of our natural habitat the priority that it needs to be.  -Eileen

Future generations of Canadians deserve to live in a Canada rich with Caribou, Otter, Whales, Wolverines, Owls and Cougars.  -Michael

The collective future of the flora and fauna should be placed before short term and short sighted goals!  -Marjorie

Let’s recognize and understand the very powerful yet delicate balance of the natural world.    -Lauri

Stewardship and care of the diverse landscapes of Canada should be a priority for our government.  -Marcus

THANKS to YOU again – our generous donors – for your kindness and trust to help defend nature!


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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.