Nature Canada

Foresters volunteers join Nature Canada’s BioBlitz

Nature Canada wants to thank the wonderful volunteers at Foresters for joining us at the Fall BioBlitz.

Foresters insurance company partners with charitable organizations to support families and communities through volunteering events. The Fall BioBlitz was one such event. 15 volunteers joined Nature Canada at the Fall BioBlitz at Mud Lake to build bird and bat houses. In total 24 bird houses and 12 bat houses were constructed and donated to Nature Canada.

We will work with communities to place the bird and bat houses in critical spots around the city to support healthy urban wildlife populations.

Thank you Foresters volunteers!

photo of family building a bird house

Building bird houses at the BioBlitz

photo of people building a bat house

Building a bat house at the BioBlitz

photo of volunteers with complete bird and bat housees

Foresters volunteers with the completed bird and bat houses at the BioBlitz

Photography by Susanne Ure.

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