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Expert Advisory Panel Members Announced

Image of Tejal Mistry

Tejal Mistry, Conservation Coordinator

The membership and Terms of Reference for the Expert Advisory Panel on Environmental Assessment was announced today.  The members are Joanne Gelinas, Doug Horswill, Renée Pelletier and Rod Northey.  Nature Canada is pleased with both the terms of reference and the membership and we look forward to working with the Panel in the coming weeks to develop proposals for the next generation of laws to ensure that development is sustainable and nature is conserved.

This Panel is just one part of a suite of reviews of environmental laws, as Stephen Hazell described in his June 20th blog .   Stay tuned for information and analysis as all these processes move forward, as well as opportunities to raise your voice for nature.  We need Nature Canada’s members and supporters to speak up together to ensure that the Expert Advisory Panel makes the best recommendations for nature.

To read more about the review of Environmental Assessment Processes, click here.

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