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Ecstatic Places: How Art and Nature Have Connected Me to Canada

This blog is written by guest blogger Sharon Bamber.

Daisies On The Bank

Image of art piece by Sharon Bamber

Daisies On The Bank. © Sharon Bamber 2017

Daisies on the Bank. Standing in the warm sunshine, looking down and across to the tangled bank of Mill Creek just as it almost enters the lake. Sun just catching a few places on the rocks, making them glow with a warm pink against the cooler purple in the shade.  The bed of the stream, rocks and pebbles slightly distorted by the shallow clear water. The gentle sound of the burbling stream, not the noise of the small tumbling rapids that are characteristic of the creek further up the mountain. Trying to make sense of that tangle of vegetation on the bank – all those different greens upon greens, all those different textures, offset beautifully by the golden creek bed.  And there, almost unseen, some daisies. While I’m standing at my easel, painting silently, a Merganser glides into view. Paddling effortlessly upstream. I am here, accepted, as part of it all.

Below is a podcast by Sharon Bamber discussing how both art and nature connected her to Canada.

Sharon Bamber is an international award-winning artist living in BC. Her work speaks of our deepest connection with nature and celebrates its intricate diversity.  Through her art, she seeks to remind people that wild environments should be valued and enjoyed without damaging the lives of the other species that share them with us. “When one of my paintings hangs on your wall, I hope it acts as a reminder of the wonder, beauty and importance of nature and that we too are a part of it”. Her work can be seen at

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