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Canadian Conservation Work Serves as a Role Model

The World Parks Congress took place this past week in Sydney, Australia. This is the world’s largest event that brings focus to parks and protected areas around the globe.

So how is Canada’s conservation different from everyone else?
It is because Canada is home to a rare treasure, one of the largest still intact regions left – the boreal forest.

Here is a short list of the top five reason’s Canada stands out in conservation:

1) One of the World’s Last Great Primary Forest:
Canada’s boreal forest has an area of 1.2 billion intact acres, and it contains 25% of the world’s primary forests. There are more that 300 bird species, as well as being home to many large mammals such as grizzle bears and moose. The boreal forest even has an estimate of more than 208 billion tonnes of carbon stored, making it an important part of our ecosystem.

2) Indigenous Conservation Leadership
Canada’s boreal forest has had some impressive conservation gains from those in Indigenous communities and government. These Indigenous communities have been the ones to launch some of the most signification conservations actions in relation to the boreal forest.

3) Very Large Protected Areas
The protected areas in the boreal forest are large and they are important in the northern biodiversity. They allow species to roam without barriers and serve as a key habitat for long-distant migratory animals.

4) Provincial Government Vision and Leadership
Our provincial government in both Ontario and Quebec has pledged to ensure that at least half of their northern lands are classified as protected areas.

5) Industry and Conservation Leaders
Several industries have joined the First Nations along with Nature Canada and other leading conservation non-profits to come together in supporting the need of conservation in the boreal forest. Through a number of councils and frameworks, these groups have established a working relationship in order to advance on future conservation proposals.

Canada is putting forth tremendous conservation efforts to protect the boreal forest and it’s time to celebrate that.

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