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Bird Team Spotlight: Peterborough

Bird Friendly Peterborough is working hard in their community to educate and raise awareness about some of the lesser known topics when it comes to birding, such as how to identify a sick bird, cleaning of bird feeders to prevent disease transmission and what plants are best to attract pollinator bird species to your garden. The Peterborough Bird Team is led by five different organizations; the Kawartha Wildlife Centre, Riverview Park and Zoo, Peterborough Field Naturalists, GreenUP and Camp Kawartha. All of these partner organizations bring a different perspective and set of expertise to the amazing work that Bird Friendly Peterborough does in their community. 

As Bird Friendly Peterborough’s focus is on education and outreach, they are planning to host a variety of different events for the public as they work towards becoming Bird Friendly Certified. In partnership with Riverview Park and Zoo, Bird Friendly Peterborough is hoping to create a community space to appreciate and observe birds for folks from all backgrounds and experiences. They are also distributing bird feeder kits for children with proper education on their best placement and cleaning practices. 

Other events include the ethics of birding, how to start birding as well as how to log and track the species you observe on your outings using eBird and iNaturalist. Bird Friendly Peterborough also participated in Global Bird Rescue Week.  

If you would like to learn more about the Bird Friendly Peterborough team check out the Team Profiles below or visit their website for more information. Bird Friendly Peterborough is also on Facebook. 


Thom Luloff is a Professor of Conservation Biology at Fleming College, having completed his degrees in medical science from the University of Western Ontario.  He is the Chair of the Board for Kawartha Wildlife Centre, using his background in natural history to help this new wildlife rehabilitation organization implement ecologically sound practices that best serve Ontario’s native species.  Thom grew up outside of Pembrok, Ontario, and currently lives in Peterborough County with his wife and three kids.  His favourite colour is green and he has a completely irrational dislike of chocolate ice cream. 


Jacob Rodenburg is an award-winning educator who has taught in the field of Outdoor Education for more than 30 years. He is currently the Executive Director of Camp Kawartha, a summer camp, outdoor and environmental education centre.  He teaches part time at Trent University in environmental education.  Jacob has published a number of articles on children, nature and the environment. Recently Jacob co-authored an award-winning book called “The Big Book of Nature Activities” with naturalist Drew Monkman. Jacob conceived of an environmental framework for children of all ages and is working with multiple stakeholders to implement this.  Called the Pathway to Stewardship & Kinship, this approach


Cathy Mitchell is an Environmental Technologist with specialties in energy management, climate change, sustainable business, community engagement and water protection. Cathy is in charge of education, outreach, volunteers and development at Canada’s only free-admission accredited zoo. The Park and Zoo team are working to make the accessible, educational and recreational facility more bird-friendly and help visitors learn to do the same and work, school and home.


Krista White is the Groundskeeper for Riverview Park and Zoo. Krista majored in Horticulture and completed their Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from Guelph University. Krista is now working in Horticulture, which has provided a lifetime of learning. 

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