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8 Nature Podcasts as Recommended by Nature Canada Staff

Podcasts have become incredibly popular in the past several years. Dynamic stories woven from audio interviews and sound, the podcasts we love also reveal new and sometimes surprising facts about the world around us. The episodes below offer a balance between entertainment and education, and are ideal for self isolating at home, sharing the wonders of nature with your kids, or taking a walk around your neighbourhood

Listen to these episodes by clicking the title links or by searching in your preferred podcast app. Happy learning!

Dinner Plate Invasion: Lionfish, Tiger Shrimp, and Feral Pigs, Oh My! (Gastropod)

“Invasive species wreck havoc with local ecosystems and disrupt established food chains. But what happens when those invasive species become one of our food options? This episode of ‘Gastropod’ looks at how invasives are not only destructive—but delicious, too.” 

– Recommended by Hilary Duff, Media Relations and Communications Specialist

Salish Shes (OCTO)

Salish Shes is a women-hosted podcast based around the Salish Sea, the waterways located near mainland British Columbia, Vancouver Island, and Washington State. As their website explains, the monthly podcast explores topics related to “the environment, people, politics, scandals, history, and creatures of the beautiful and economically vital Salish Sea.” 

– Recommended by Teagan Yaremchuk, Nature Network Organizer

Amazing Wildlife (Animal Facts podcast)

“I found this podcast when I was babysitting and trying to entertain an eight-year-old and her three-year-old twin brothers. Each episode delves into three animals that have some sort of cool feature. The hosts explore these features and the environment of each animal in a fun and informative way. I would listen to the podcast with the kids and get the eldest to draw what she thought the animal looked like based on the description—then we’d look up pictures and see how close we got.” 

– Recommended by Lara Falkiner, Restoration Strategy Intern

The Undiscovered Botanist (Undiscovered)

“Women throughout history haven’t had equal opportunities to embark on scientific research—and when they have made discoveries, they’ve had to do it while disguised as a man! This podcast episode shares the story of Jeanne Baret, the French female botanist who discovered the beautiful bougainvillea plant during an 18th century expedition (my favourite plant!). And yes, she was pretending to be ‘“Jean’” at the time.”

 – Recommended by Hilary Duff, Media Relations and Communications Specialist

Brain on Nature (Sarah Allely)

This narrative documentary podcast series follows Sarah Allely’s road to recovery after a bicycle accident, and how the natural world helped her to recover from her brain injury. Looking at the science behind her experience, Allely explores why the sounds of daily life were unbearable—while the soundscape of nature helped her headaches and concentration, and eased her depression and anxiety. 

– Recommended by Hannah Dean, Organizing Director 

Jane Goodall: A Dedicated Pursuit (What It Takes)

“From the opening lines of one of my favourite childhood stories, through Jane’s own amazing adventure, this podcast episode sounds more like a fantasy than reality. However, that’s the point, isn’t it? Jane’s dedication and optimism demonstrate how she managed to overcome the challenges that faced her. In spite of everything, she realized her dreams, and managed to change the world of science along the way.” 

– Recommended by Lara Falkiner, Restoration Strategy Intern

How Coyotes Work (Stuff You Should Know)

“More likely than not there’s coyotes in your area. This podcast is a great overview of this often misunderstood animal, especially for anyone who encounters coyotes in their nearby nature. Covering some interesting facts about coyotes (did you know that they mate for life?), the podcast also discusses the history of coyote-human interaction and the complex ways that coyotes have been shaped by human activity.”

– Recommended by Astrid Hieblinger-Rempel, Communications Coordinator 

The Beauty Puzzle (RadioLab)

“Chances are you’re going to get dressed up if you’re going on a date. Other animals are similar in their mating behaviour, and there’s evidence to show that some female animal species favour a male partner who makes more of an effort to impress. But can we see this reflected in evolutionary patterns? Listen and find out!”

– Recommended by Hilary Duff, Media Relations and Communications Specialist

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Editor’s note: This blog post was updated on Monday, March 30 to reflect the shift in language from “social distancing” to “physical distancing.”

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