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5 Tips to Raise a Nature Lover

Any parent knows that taking your kids in nature is extremely beneficial for physical . However, in a world dominated by technology and screens, it becomes very complicated to make your kids go out and enjoy a day in nature. Even though the outside world is fascinating, it is tough to take kids away from all the electronic games they can play indoors. So, what can be done? The best solution is to start from an early age and raise your kid with a love for nature. Here are five tips to raising a nature lover.

1. Take activities outside

Not every parent has the necessary time to go hiking in a park, or easy access to walking trails. Fortunately, there are several indoor activities that can be relocated to the outdoors. For example, you can read your kid’s favorite stories on the porch of your house or in the backyard. If you do not have access to a backyard, you can also have playdates at the park, or even have an outdoor picnic with family! Do not worry if it is cold outside – there are also plenty of mom-approved winter activities to get kids into nature!

2. Cultivate a curiosity for nature

Kids are curious by nature. The outdoors offer endless opportunities for exploring, and discovery. This is why it is crucial to expose children to nature and cultivate their sense of wonder at an early age. Once they’re outside, challenge them to use all their senses! What animal sounds can they detect in the forest? How many colours do they see in one natural space? Can they see any animal marknigs on the ground, or feel the direction in which the wind is blowing?

3. Include nature in your family traditions

Good habits should always come from the family. Thus, if you want your kid to love nature, then you should do it as a family tradition. For instance, you can have a regular family tradition to spend time outdoors on several occasions. You can go each month for a picnic or have dinner under the full moon. Don’t be afraid by stormy nights. If you have any fear related to nature, then it will be transmitted to your kid as well. So, even if it’s “pouring cats and dogs,” take your kid’s hand and go out for a full moon walk, showing him how nature changes its face under heavy rains. Furthermore, you can create other family traditions like collecting snails after rain or stones shaped in weird forms. Start with something that’s easy and fun to accomplish together.

4. Build memories

One great activity is building specific memories that will encourage your kids to identify with nature. While it is great to discover new places, there is value to creating a routine by taking your kid back every year to a natural spot they enjoyed in the past. Point out how the place changed each year and make them curious and excited to come back the next year!

5. Allow your kid to spend time alone in nature

Even though you are nearby, you should let children have their moments of solitude in nature. Give them enough time and space to explore and analyze the natural world. This will encourage them to observe and appreciate nature on their own from a young age.

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Daniela McVicker is a freelance writer, psychologist and a family counsellor. Her passion is writing about leading a healthy family life and helping people enjoy their lives to the fullest.


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