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2021 Photo Contest Voting

We are looking at you to help decide the grand prize winner of the 2021 Nature Photo Contest!

These photos have been chosen by our esteemed panel of judges as the best photos submitted to our contest. Now it’s up to you to crown the winner!

Vote for your favourite nature photo on our website before Sunday, October 4th, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.  The photo that receives the most votes will be featured on the cover of our 2021 nature calendar in addition to winning the top prize!

Please vote for your favourite entry in Nature Canada’s 2021 Nature Photo Contest! You may review the finalists’ submissions by clicking on each photo in the gallery.

Thank you to all contest participants for your photo contest entries and special thanks to our panel of celebrity judges who carefully selected these top images. Of course, many thanks to the sponsors who support our efforts to protect nature.

You may review the finalists’ submissions by clicking on each photo in the gallery. You can vote once a day. The number beside the heart indicates the number of votes that photo has received and the number beside the eye indicates the number of views.

Best of luck to the finalists!

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Rules and Prizes

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