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Quiz your candidate on their commitment to nature

Taking action to protect nature can happen at all levels, including local! Here are a few questions to ask your local candidates running to be your next Member of Parliament.

Bookmark this page to keep it handy for when your candidate comes to the door.

Ask Your Candidate

  • Each page has a question for your candidate from the Nature Platform. Give them a checkmark if their answer impressed you.
  • The candidate that wins in this federal election will represent you in the House of Commons so make sure they know that nature is important to you.
  • Candidates are just everyday folks. Get to know them, read their platforms and make an informed vote!

Do you want to protect more land and ocean for nature? Do you think Canada should aim for 30% of land and ocean protection by 2030?

Why it mattersProtecting and restoring natural areas is critical to reversing species loss and tackling climate change. Canada is already committed to 30% by 2030 so anything less is moving backward!

What role do you think Indigenous Peoples should have in nature conservation?

Why it mattersIndigenous stewardship, traditional knowledge systems, and Indigenous-led conservation programs are vital to successful conservation and climate planning in Canada. A lot of progress has been made and we can’t afford to slow down.

How much of a role do you think nature should have in Canada’s climate strategy?

Why it mattersProtecting key climate-fighting ecosystems like the boreal forest, prairie grasslands, wetlands, and salt marsh will be critical to addressing the dual crises of climate change and species loss. No other climate remedies can do both!

How will you help protect nature and increase greenspace here in our community?

Why it matters Everyone has a right to the benefits that nature can provide. We must make nature accessible for everyone.

How will you address environmental justice and prevent environmental racism? 

Why it matters Sustainability requires racial justice and equal rights–we must acknowledge that anti-racism is critical for the well-being of nature. 

Want to Help?

Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.