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Climate change and species extinction are putting nature as we know it at risk. Now more than ever, Canada needs leadership that is committed to protecting and restoring nature for future generations.

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Nature Platform

What nature needs from Canada

Canada is home to vast boreal forests, bountiful oceans, sprawling grasslands, and a myriad of other ecosystems. But the impacts of climate change and species loss are taking a toll.  Fires, floods, droughts and severe weather have left wildlife in crisis; our country needs a credible plan to halt and reverse nature loss.

Here’s what nature needs from our next government: 


Protect at least 30% of lands, freshwater, and ocean by 2030.

Protecting and restoring natural areas is critical to reversing species loss and tackling climate change. Canada is already committed to 30% by 2030 so anything less is moving backward!

Support Indigenous-led nature conservation.

Indigenous stewardship, traditional knowledge systems, and Indigenous-led conservation programs are vital to successful conservation and climate planning in Canada. A lot of progress has been made and we can’t afford to slow down.


Invest in nature’s crucial role in fighting climate change.

Protecting key climate-fighting ecosystems like the boreal forest, prairie grasslands, wetlands, and salt marsh will be critical to addressing the dual crises of climate change and species loss. No other climate remedy can do both!

Restore urban biodiversity and expand access to green space for all.

Commit to making nature accessible for everyone, especially in racialized communities facing systemic barriers. Everyone has a right to the benefits that nature can provide.

Advance environmental justice and prevent environmental racism. 

Black, Indigenous, racialized and other marginalized people bear the brunt of pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Sustainability requires racial justice and equal rights–we must acknowledge that anti-racism is critical for the well-being of nature.

Ask Your Candidate

As we lose nature and species at a faster rate than we can recover it, it’s more important than ever to make nature a ballot-box issue. We’ve gathered a few questions to help you make sure your candidates are invested in nature protection. 

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Canada’s wilderness is the world’s envy. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green.