Would you pay to reduce bird collisions with buildings?

Image of an ovenbird

The Ovenbird which breeds across much of Canada’s forested regions is a common victim of window strikes during its migration to and from Central America and the Caribbean.

The State of Canada’s Birds Report 2012 alerted us to the sobering fact that 44% of our species have declined over the last 40 years, and overall there is a 12% decline in the numbers of birds around us. Many of our migratory songbirds are experiencing significant population declines. 
Recent research from Environment Canada has confirmed that collisions of birds with homes, cottages and buildings is a major source of mortality. What are your thoughts on this issue? Would you retrofit your own home’s windows to incorporate bird-friendly features, such as ultra violet light reflecting materials that are visible to birds, for example? 
A graduate student from Simon Fraser University is asking this question, and would like your help in understanding what people are thinking and doing. Are you doing something yourself? Would you personally invest in a solution? Do you feel that this issue is insignificant from your perspective?   
I encourage you to complete this survey and contribute to the understanding of peoples’ attitudes toward these questions and the feasibility of finding solutions.