Sharing Your Voices: What Our Members Are Saying!

We love hearing you raise your voices for nature! Last fall, we asked you to help us petition our government to create 2 new National Wildlife Areas in our native grasslands and protect the Greater Sage Grouse from extinction. Not only did we forward over 1,500 signed petitions to the Minister, many of you also shared your thoughts, including these few:

As a child in rural Saskatchewan, I used to love the songs of the meadowlark. Now like other birds and animals who depend on the grasslands, it is much harder to see or hear them. We need to protect the spaces they need to live. – Margaret, Ontario

I took pictures of sage grouse in Alberta 40 years ago and was very impressed with the birds. Species at risk should be protected – I want my grandchildren and great grandchildren to experience them too – Allan, British Columbia

I was born in Saskatchewan and the prairies were a wonderland teaming with birds and all kinds of animals large & small. It breaks my heart to see all of it disappearing – please save what’s left. – Alice, Ontario.

I grew up in southern Alberta and remember watching sage grouse mating dances. I want future generations to witness that marvelous sight too – please act to protect their grassland habitat. – Janis, Quebec.

Please let’s give our children a chance to see these beautiful birds in nature. Preservation of wild spaces is of the utmost importance for the whole planet to stay healthy. – Susanne, British Columbia

I had the pleasure of witnessing a large sage grouse lek in 1989 – male grouse on the prairie is a spectacular sight. We must save habitat for this amazing species. Please act now. – Malcolm, British Columbia

By ensuring that SARA is properly adhered to, many species at risk will be protected. Habitat is critical to the survival of many species at risk and without adhering to the act, their futures are threatened. – Catherine, Alberta.

Please do all possible to promote a genuine appreciation of our magnificent wild creatures. They are our most precious inheritance. – Elizabeth, Quebec.

These wildlife areas will ensure that my daughter and children of all Canadians be able to see the true beauty of our nation in all its glory. Let Canada be an example to the world in ensuring the protection of our delicate nature. – Mitra, Ontario

These wild grasslands spaces are so very important to our own ecosystem and our future. Please protect these areas to protect them from further harming our vulnerable species that live there. – Vivian, Saskatchewan

We have saved the peregrine falcon and the whopping crane, let us add the sage grouse to our success. Once a species is gone, it can never come back. You can not put a dollar value on a species. Please create the two national wildlife areas and give sage grouse a chance. – Mary Jane, Quebec

It is important that our government recognize the need for protected natural areas, not only for the health of plants and animals but for our mental and physical health. The economy can’t go on expanding forever. We live in a finite world. – Joan, Ontario

Thank you to all our members for supporting our work to protect grasslands and the special animals like Sage Grouse, Burrowing Owl and Swift Fox that call it home.