Raise Your Voice Pledges

Over 500 members shared “Raise Your Voice” promises for protecting nature this year. We welcome others to also consider making a “Raising My Voice” promise to protect and celebrate nature in the coming months as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations. Post it to Facebook or Tweet it to your friends.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Give my grandchildren nature books. – Rosemary
  • Recycle everything I can and compost even more. – Ansel
  • Plant milkweed for the butterflies. – Eunice
  • Helping to establish a local nature park. – Glenda
  • Take kids of all ages on nature walks and teach them about it. – Rosamund
  • Monitor and manage bluebird boxes. – Paul
  • Grow flowers in my garden for bees and hummingbirds and use no pesticides – June
  • Teach my grandchildren to love and appreciate nature as I do and make my garden a haven for wildlife, especially birds. – Shirley
  • Sign petitions online to protect animals and the environment and tweet them and share them with my friends. – Brenda
  • Volunteering at our local Nature Centre and supporting nature organizations like Nature Canada. – Diana
  • Help the urban forest by volunteering as a community steward, being a birder, plant identifier and butterfly watcher in my city. -Toshio
  • Continue to be an active member of various conservation groups like Nature Canada and raise my voice by writing letters to politicians. – Gordon
  • Keep informed of the work of Nature Canada and discuss it with others. Try to introduce an appreciation for nature to young children by talking them on outdoor nature activities. – Laura

Thank you to all our members, for being the heart of a community that listens to voices of nature and shares the wonder and joy it brings to our lives.

Together, we will raise our voices for nature—we will share our love for nature, our anger at its destruction and our passion for protecting it.

To sign your own pledge, click here to sign ‘Raising My Voice Promise’.