My Experience with the Great Backyard Bird Count

I’m a senior at St. Peters High School in Orleans, Ontario. I was looking for a new way to earn community service hours for my HS diploma and came across this event.

I thought, ‘I look out my window and walk or drive through my neighborhood everyday; so this would be a neat thing to do’.

Bluejay in winter_shutterstock_LRG

I was surprised at how few birds I saw. Maybe because it’s the winter, maybe the area I live in? I live in a residential area, with schools, parks etc and trees all around, but I just didn’t see that many when I was looking.

The ones I did see, a blue jay, an American kestrel, some black crows and wild turkeys (not in my neighborhood!) were fun to see.

I think that we take for granted seeing these birds all the time, funny how when you look for them, they were harder to spot.

I took part in this activity with my Mom or my younger sister, she liked to help me look for the birds, especially when we were driving.